June 16, 2011

About Kate

I’m Kate.

Let me let you in on a couple of secrets about me. I may or may not be a red head, but my hair is certainly red. I am pretty passionate about cowboy boots and almost as passionate about radishes. I live in the middle of Phoenix, smack dab in the West, with a bunch of chickens, a dog, a cat, and a man. I’m figuring out my garden and my kitchen and our local food here as I go because good food is my great adventure. I do a lot of eating seasonally, a lot of eating locally, and a lot of eating healthfully and conscientiously. I like to know where my food is coming from and why I’m eating it. I think bison are the new cows and I think chickens are the new cats and I’m looking to turn this hot city upside down.

I’m a self-taught cook. I was raised on a counter top somewhere in Colorado, seated in front of a mixer, licking a spoon of whole wheat cookie dough. It was that kind of upbringing that brought me here, to Arizona, where I decided to make good use of my knowledge, cookbooks, and taste buds to bring you this, Headed Out West. And let me tell you, the West is about what you can find, or better yet, grow in your backyard. Whether it’s chickens, or lettuce, or goats, or even if it’s going to the farmer’s market. I’m here to explore those things with you. Figure out what the real deal is with things like chard and radishes and your closest cattle ranch.

It’s an adventure, a new frontier, and something you could totally do with me. Get back to roots, get back to heading West.